I wanna’ shake his hand –

I know I’m not supposed to say that. At least not out loud. Maybe whispering it from my hidden attic hide-away, or away from the laptop camera, or with a glance toward Baltimore’s proposed social distance police drones.

But it’s a fact. Rolf Dobelli pretty much wrote the bible no one is reading. He published The Art of Thinking Clearly in 2013. It should be dog-eared, underlined and highlighted and on the top of every lawmaker’s desk. It should be the first thing journalists and broadcasters look at every morning. Thinking Clearly should be the editor’s go-by before hollering “Print It” to the desk reporters.

That’s clearly not happening. In light of this lack, it should be our personal field guide to every single headline. It should be the handbook we flip open prior to finalizing our decisions and it should be the thing we measure ourselves against as we eye the 2020 elections here in the States.

That’s a lot of shoulds. Six in fact. An editor would be red-penning my lack of linguistic creativity about now, but all those shoulds are on purpose. To misquote Jay-Z, I got 99 fallacies but logical thinking ain’t one.

As a small business owner who’s sole purpose of operation is to put people up-close-and-personal (aka self-defense and combat arts) I’ll be the last business allowed to reopen. Sometimes when my thoughts go particularly dark, I wonder if martial arts will be outlawed altogether because of the inherent risk of breathing on one another. I’m one of the political little people. Congress doesn’t know my name. My state legislature doesn’t know I exist, my county commissioners would only know my business [was] thriving if they bothered to even check on that dba filed back in 2012.

I don’t care for feelings of powerlessness. I’m sure no one will give two rat’s asses one way or another what I have to say – but – I’m saying it anyway. I’m about to launch a video series reviewing a handful of Dobelli’s 99 logic fallacies. It won’t sway the universe. It won’t even sway my neighborhood HOA board. That’s okay. I’ll joust those windmills anyway.

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