This is me.

I’m just a human. Although I have friends who would argue that point. They prefer elf – long story. A human who has ended up in interesting and unexpected places. I’m past the mid-century mark in age and have collected 3 academic degrees. B.S. in education, Master’s in Professional Counseling, Doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D. not Ph.D. – there’s a difference.) Clinically licensed as professional counselor generically “psychotherapist” with a few decades in the field.

Long winding trail and I ended up a Krav Maga instructor & later, a self-defense instructor. And yes, those two things are also different. I own a training center in Northern Virginia and teach with 3 Teams -and once in a while – you’ll find me out there wandering on my own. I have the profound privilege of working with Violence Dynamics, Rory Millers’ Chiron Training & Randy King Live. Go look them up. They’re cool people.

And once in a while, I write. That’s what this is for. It won’t alway be well-edited, or cogent even. It won’t always be measured – rants happen from time to time. Forewarned is forearmed.

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